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Here at Grand Web Solutions we take a bespoke web design and development approach to every single one of our clients on a unique project by project basis.

We aim to understand the vision and long term goals for your website and business as clearly as possible so we can over achieve all expectations in our web design services.

We have extensive research into modern available technology to allow our highly skilled team to create and make possible whatever comes to your imagination.

Whether its an eCommerce website needing  commerce technology and a modern redesign or a local restaurant, we will create a website that will blow your customers away and more importantly, maximise your profits and achieve your targets.


Why Choose Us

Responsive Design

Multi-Device Friendly Solutions

Responsive Design

In todays day and age, mobile phones account for over 80% of website traffic, we ensure all our design and development takes this fact into consideration.
No matter what size screen you or your customers are viewing from, your website will still look exquisite.

SEO Optimised

Search Engine Optimised

SEO Optimised

We include basic SEO Optimisation in all of our websites so that Google is able to effectively discover your website as soon as it goes live.

Lightning Fast Design

Super Fast Servers For Super Fast Loading

Lightning Fast Design

Website speed is an important factor in reducing bounce rate and increasing your SEO ranking. We use lightning fast servers modern servers hosted in the UK and optimise code to ensure that your website loads at superfast speed.

Advanced Security

SSL Certificates and Website Backup Systems

Advanced Security

Security is not up for discussion as it is extremely important to us and paramount we include it in all of our projects. We ensure all websites have active SSL certificates included as well as other advanced security features and backups in order to protect your website from malicious attacks.

Video and Photography

Professional Editing Software

Video and Photography

In order to make the absolute best website possible, we include basic videography and photography touched up using high-end editing software for all projects. We also have a professional photographer within our team, available at an additional fee.

Email Services

Bespoke Business Email Address

Email Services

All of our websites come with a free bespoke email address at no extra cost to really give your brand the uniqueness it deserves. Our team are on hand to help set everything up for you.

In-Person Communication

Scheduled Face to Face Communication and Catch Ups

In-Person Communication

We encourage scheduling regular in person catch-ups to review the development of your website, allowing you to work more closer with the team and have more control over the design.

Training & Support

Maintenance Support and Staff Training

Training & Support

As a business owner we think it is important that you understand how to use your website and not have to rely on someone else to do it for you. With every project we include on-site training on how to use your website, with the option of virtual training if preferred.


Design, Development & Systems


WordPress Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
App Design & Development
Hosting & Security
E-Commerce Development
Booking System
Ordering Systems
Web Support & Maintenance


Our Work

Our team was originally part of a highly successful online game show streamed on the popular platform called Twitch and focused heavily on marketing, design and web development before a successful exit in 2020.

We have retained our highly skilled in-house team and we are now offering our expertise and knowledge into helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and aspirations.
This makes us stand out from other agencies as we have real world experience in being able to push the limits and reach Grand levels on whats possible in todays online digital capabilities by building our own projects without passing the risk on to clients.


What Clients Say About Us


6 Short Steps Towards Your Brand New Website
  • Phase 1: Free Consultation

    Once you have contacted the team with your interest, we will arrange a phone call or in person meeting to hear your ideas and what you’re trying to achieve. We will then suggest ideas and draft templates of initial plans and how we can help you going forward.

  • Phase 2: Planning

    Once you are happy with the requirements you have set for us, we can move forward and plan the different phases along with timescales for the project. We will establish forms of communicattion and schedule regular catchups that are convenient for you so that you will have an opportunity to suggest ideas, changes and always be able to give us feedback.

  • Phase 3: Design

    Drawing from your requirements, the design of the website is created bespokely by one of our designers. We’ll work closely with you during this phase, exchanging ideas until we arrive at the final design for your website. Factors such as the organisation’s brand and target audience play a key part in developing the overall visual style of your website.

  • Phase 4: Development

    During this phase, we turn the design into a reality using sophisticated coding techniques. We can add all sorts of amazing features and interactions to your website using the latest technologies in html, CSS and Javascript. You will receive details on how to view your site being brought to life in real time.

  • Phase 5: Videography, Graphic Design & Animation

    By this point, your website will essentially be what we call a wireframe, this is essentially the bare bones of the website. Throughout phases 3 to 4 a design team will simultaneously be creating amazing content for your site If you don’t want to provide us with the content yourself.

  • Phase 6: Test, Training & Launch

    We’ll test the site in various screen sizes as well as different browsers including Chrome, Mozilla and Safari to ensure there are no flaws present and the user experience is consistent no matter what device the user is viewing from. We’ll then train you and your staff on how the system works and how to make any changes to your website in the future giving you full flexibility.


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We offer a FREE consultation for all client enquires.
The team will aim to get back to you via email or telephone within 24 hours.